Since Jun 2010

Lorena Baretta


ZIN™ (Zumba® Instructor Network) CODE OF CONDUCT

We love to party. We live to get down. We do it for the thrill of it. And for a good cause. We sweat with a smile. We get off our butts. We do it wearing neon. We like it loud. Stand out in a crowd. Move to the music. Aren’t afraid of spice. Spread the love around. We are ZIN™ Members. We feel the beat. And follow this code.

RESPECT. A diva may sing about it, but a diva attitude won’t get it. You might look super-hot in those Wonder Cargos and have students lined up down the block, but remember that a little humility and politeness will make you look even better. Please treat every student, fellow instructor and facility staff member with respect at all times.

OPENNESS. We’re throwing a nonstop dance fitness-party, and everyone is invited! Please have an open-door policy and do not discriminate against anyone based on differences such as race, fitness level, gender, age, disability, religion, beliefs, political opinion, looks, fashion sense or dance abilities. Welcome everyone to class and to the universal Zumba® Family.

COMPLIANCE. Fine print is boring, but unfortunately necessary. Make sure you’re legit with the ZIN™ License Agreement, your country’s music copyright laws and worldwide Internet copyright laws. This includes what you post on forums and social networking sites. Beware of lawyers!

KINDNESS. Be kind to your fellow ZIN™ Members at all times. There is room for everyone to shake it. Give compliments and curb gossip. What you give out will return to you, so send out good vibes!

SUPPORT. Never underestimate the power of spandex. Also, support your fellow instructors. Attend others’ events, be positive and lend a hand. Share advice, tips and ideas. Inspire and assist each other along the path to success.

TACT. Pssssst. Nobody likes it when they tell you something in confidence and you go and tell Betty. Also, make sure you don’t distribute personal info like phone numbers and emails without consent.

AMBASSADORSHIP. Represent the Zumba® brand with pride and polish. Be dependable, reliable, ethical, punctual and professional. Follow your facility’s protocols and strive to be community role models.

REFLECTION. When someone or something makes you mad, take a minute to reflect on an appropriate response. Don’t immediately react or you may regret it later.